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The Qubop logo has a yellow-orange gradient with a black outline, optionally with a slight dropshadow, and can be used against both light and dark backgrounds.

Logo files: PNG, EPS, PDF, Illustrator, All formats

Our logo is based on the 1-bit font used in Nokia mobile phones during the 1990s.

Qubop never uses a single-color logo. For cases where this is absolutely necessary in external contexts, here is the logo in both black and white versions: PNG, PNG


About the Company: PDF
Mobile Strategy for the Enterprise: PDF

Founder Information

Headshot, Chia Hwu: PNG

For cases where one bio is alone, the following can be used, which contain some duplicated text:
Individual bio, Chia Hwu: MS Word



300 Beale Street, Unit A
San Francisco, California 94105
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